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May is the new August!

With 3 weeks in the tank May has delivered some great weather over the last couple of weeks and early season visitors have been seeing the islands at their very best. Our weather station is telling us its gradually getting warmer.

to get up to the minute weather from the Reculver garden, go to our weather station at

the islands have been bathed in sunshine, we keep adding some new photos to the google profile so you should see them on our google business profile. May and June are typically a little quieter as it's outside most of the school holidays.

We are looking forward to bringing people over this year to stay with us and questions we always get asked is what's the best way to get there. We typically fly from Lands end but in previous years have been on the helicopter, the big old one from Penzance and the new one from Penzance Helicopters. We prefer flying as the boat leaves around 9 and that can be a challenge to get to !

What happens if the flights don't go is a common question. You have a couple of options in here, you can normally opt to transfer to the boat the next morning, if its foggy its likely calm seas or you can try and get on a flight the next day. You have to figure out your own overnight accommodation, the airport staff are normally helpful but it's not their responsibility to find accommodation. If you're stranded on the Islands then you may be able to negotiate to stay in your accommodation if the changeover guests are delayed.

Looking forward to the rest of May there is the Scilly folk festival 25-30th May and then we are into June and the school holidays just around the corner!

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