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Should I go to Scilly in October ?

The season typically starts to wind down at the end of September but this is when nature kicks into another gear. Scilly is great for bird watching in October and this year the Scilly festival of nature runs 13 to 16th October, more details of this are on the Visit Scilly page at

Bird watching is big on Scilly at this time of year and we have lots of visitors who come to see the migratory birds stopping off in Scilly. There are lots of organised tours to go birding on Scilly at this time of year and typically accommodation providers are stepping don prices from the busy extended school holiday season. Reading a report from a trip last October the group saw a variety of birds, listed below and it was generally termed a good days birding !

  • Pomarine Skuas

  • Balearic Shearwater

  • Manx Shearwaters

  • Meadow Pipits

  • Black-tailed Godwit

  • Greenshank

  • Redshanks

  • Curlew Sandpiper

  • Whinchat

  • Swainson’s Thrush

  • Wryneck

  • Swallows

  • Radde’s warbler

  • Greenshank

  • Gannets, and Stonechats

  • Pied flycatcher

  • Chiffchaffs

  • Common Rosefinch

The Visist Scilly and other organisations supporting travel to the Islands are promoting visits in October to lengthen the season a little. We go into maintenance mode for the winter in November and get all the jobs done that are impossible when the Islands are buzzing through the summer. To support this we are offering a 10% discount with the same visit scilly code of WTFN1023. So if you are interested in Scilly in October mention this code on your enquiry for the discount.

The first week of October sees the Dark Skies Week, a celebration of astronomy, which takes advantage of the very low light pollution Scilly enjoys. Details of this week are at

It's hosted on St Martins but the afternoon events are accessible using the tripper boats from St Marys. We hope you choose a stay in October its a very different vibe to the summer with wildlife taking centre stage.

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